So Far Away.

He pretty much means the world to me <3

I love him so much words can’t describe it <3

I know me and him have our ups and downs.

When we are down, I start to think, “Are we ever going to come back up and be happy again?” But when we manage to overcome the problem. And we get to the point that we are both dying of happiness <3

It’s like akjhsqiwnhui2wq :D <3

I love this guy so much <3

Yesterday I gave him his Christmas present and I won’t forget his face when he received it. He like died of happiness <3

I feel happy:

1) I gave a guinea pig a new home. 4 months of living and he finally has a home to his own <3

Aw. Rodney <3

2) I gave the guy who means an entire world to me a guinea pig so he won’t be foreveralone now. :DDDD He actually can have his first real pet.

And then yesterday he gave me my Christmas present. I died because I told him how cute those necklaces were like the whole corny thing “You have the key to my heart <3” and he gave it to me and I died <3 :DDD

Because it’s perfect, just like him.

I love this kid to death :DDDD

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